Municipal Waste Facility

Expandable and modular designed municipal waste facility .

Allows WERS to be built without limitations to the amount of waste that can be treated.


The medium to large Waste Energy Recovery System (WERS) facility consists of a 4-stage process which utilizes advanced technologies to achieve the end-product. That product is electricity, syn-fuel, inert ash and carbon black. All this can be combined and configured  to the clients desired output. Turning waste into a revenue stream. And it does all this while being 100% emissions free, self-sustaining and has an incredibly small footprint.

All systems, large or small, can be customized to individual needs.

Main Characteristics:

Variable Sizes, from 100-2000 tonnes/day

Significantly Lower Cost than traditional waste facilities

No Power 

Full Automation

Carbon-Free Electricity (With optional equipment and minimum waste is needed for efficiency)

Synthetic Fuel (With optional equipment and minimum waste is needed for efficiency)

Only by-product is ceramic ash and syn-oil

Applications include (but are not limited to): 

Military bases/installments ( smaller systems can be configured to fit a 20’ SE-CAN to be easily deployed and maintained)

Waste to Energy- Reduce landfill space by up to 97%, but it is a key component in converting waste to energy!

Mining– can be used to grind as small as 1 micron, use in mining slag to recover precious metals left over from regular mining

Municipal Solid Waste-Is so versatile it can grind any waste except case hardened steel 

Disaster Cleanup– Can be setup and running in remote locations

Factory Seconds– Wood mills, construction mills

Oil fields– Can be used to re-mediate sands and land around well sites to be rid of the hydrocarbons, which are reclaimed. (With addition add-on)

All construction debris

Waste that can be treated


· ANY WASTE, Wet or Dry!

· There are virtually NO limitations!

· Household Trash, All Plastics, All Paper, Wood

· Light Bulbs, Computers, TVs, All Other E-Waste

· Construction/Demolition Materials, Including Asbestos, Cement

· Rubber/Tires, All Sized Batteries, Insulation and Styrofoam

· Industrial Waste and Hazardous Chemicals

· Medical Waste: Needles, Scalpels, Infectious Materials 

· Paint Cans, Soda Cans, All Other Aluminum

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