Expandable and modular designed waste facility .


The WERS that WTTEC has developed is unique in the market and is based on components that are industry leading in their own fields. It is a particularly versatile solution because the components can be provided in a wide range of shapes and sizes without compromising the efficacy and efficiency of the overall system. 

The end product produced by each system can be varied to suit the particular application and the operating environment provided from the client.  The WERS can produce heat, electrical power and syn-fuels such as, but no limited to, diesel, gasoline, aviation , methanol, etc. All is  dependent upon the specification and configuration of the system in which the client orders.   

These end products can be produced from a wide range of waste such as municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, raw sewage, plastics, bio-mass and paper and the size of the system can be matched to the volume of waste that needs to be processed on a daily basis. Turning waste into a revenue stream. And it does all this while being 100% emissions free, self-sustaining and has an incredibly small footprint.

All systems, large or small, can be customized to individual needs.

Main Characteristics:

Variable Sizes, from 100-2000 tonnes/day

Significantly Lower Cost than traditional waste facilities

No Power 

Full Automation

Carbon-Free Electricity (With optional equipment and minimum waste is needed for efficiency)

Synthetic Fuel (With optional equipment and minimum waste is needed for efficiency)

Only by-product is ash, syn-gas and sludge oil used in fuel recovery.

Treatable Waste can include, but not limited to:

ANY WASTE, Wet or Dry!

There are virtually NO limitations!

Household Trash, All Plastics, All Paper,Wood

Light Bulbs, Computers, TVs, All Other E-Waste

Construction/Demolition Materials, Including Asbestos, Cement

Rubber/Tires, All Sized, Batteries, Insulation and Styrofoam

Industrial Waste and Hazardous Chemicals

Medical Waste: Needles, Scalpels, Infectious Materials, Plastics, Soiled Gowns

Paint Cans, Soda Cans, All Other Aluminum

50-200 Tonne/day WERS facility
50-200 Tonne/day WERS facility

Each area has its own unique setup to maximize performance





Oil Spill Cleanup

The video

How it Works and Capabilities

Process Flow


Our easy to maintain flow of waste allows us to have a very low Opex and the ability to  maintain a high standard of output products..

Advantage of Pyrolysis


There really isn't any safer, more environmentally sound way to achieve our goals of a zero waste society.