Using our WERS facility to fuel your electricity needs. Our co-generations units are designed by the top manufacturer in the world, Siemens. The co-gen units are so efficient, that they can delivery sustainable, reliable and variable power on demand. This engine simple bolts onto an existing facility and is fed the produced syn-gas from our WERS facility.

Our co-generation units are designed to work alone or in tandem to an unlimited number. The off-gases produced from the burning of the fuel, are recovered and recaptured within the WERS facility. This allows the unit(s) to run completely emission free. 

The robust nature of the engines affords us less down-time, lower maintenance costs and increased efficiency of variable rpm’s.

siemens engine

siemens engine

fuel MJ ratings


What is fuel blending ?

    Combining gaseous fuel supplies from two different and separate sources in a gas reciprocating engine.


    To compensate for the variability of one fuel source (e.g. Syn-gas) by using/supplementing a second gas             (e.g. NG) from a known and reliable source.

What is “Dynamic” fuel blending ?

    Changing composition of fuels while gas engine is running and keeping the desired control algorithm outcome.


Power, where you need it, when you need it. Our co-gens can be designed for any amount needed based on feed-stock available. Units can be setup in parallel and run simultaneously to produce large amounts of variable power. All from waste! 

Utilizing other green renewable power sources, you can now have the cleanest, greenest source of  waste-to-energy facility power. NO need to rely on fossil fuels for power.

green lightbulb

green lightbulb