Is a, no compromise, modular permanent water treatment system designed with real-time monitoring and data capture. It exceeds all current Health Canada, NSF and EPA standards of water recovery

NO external power source needed to run facility. Power is derived from the local power grid. Should a failure in the grid occur, the facility has a built-in fuel generator to keep the water flowing. NODDIS shall switch over automatically instantly in this case. Solar power is utilized to supplement the power needed for communication equipment and monitoring. This keeps the power draw to a minimum. Approximately 64 KWh per day.


93% water recovery. With the closed nature of the system, evaporation is minimized. There is no need to expose the effluent to outside weather, so we capture more water. The use of micro-ponds controls storm surge. 

Captures storm water and redistributes directly to the infrastructure. A separate system can be setup just for storm water if the client wishes. It would not need as many steps and could prove to be more economical for treat the rainwater as is. This is of course dependent on the area that it is being deployed. Again, with the power being provided by the WERS facility, this would virtually cost the municipality zero dollars to capture and redistribute to the populace.

glass of water

glass of water


  • Cost Effective, Immediate Water Treatment - Leveraging proven technologies, NODDIS offers rapidly deployable, all in one solution for ground and surface water. Each system is customized for the permanent solution.
  • Each unit: Processes up to 1.75 million liters/day
  • Is managed, monitored and maintained by NODDIS 24/7
  • Measures 15 different and distinct parameters 24/7, many more than minimal testing currently done sporadically
  • All NODDIS equipment has NSF certification and is approved by the EPA and Health Canada
  • Proprietary Information & Data Analysis – Gathering and analyzing the air, water, ground and weather data from all its sites, NODDIS offers governments and commercial enterprises unique and highly valuable analysis and reporting not otherwise readily available
  • Professionally engineered
  • Ultra-low Maintenance Costs
  • No Chemicals
  • Handle ALL types of Liquid waste: black, brown, grey and rainwater
  • Systems can also be designed for commercial and hazardous liquid waste as well

NODDIS enclosure

NODDIS enclosure



  • Easy Installation (adapts to most infrastructure)
  • Expandable One System for 1000 Households
  • Pre-Treatment for Hi Risk Water
  • Economical Development Advantage
  • NO Chemicals ADDED
  • Triple Filtered (verified in and out)
  • KEEPS WATER PURE no Reverse Osmosis


  • 1750 Cubic Meters Daily
  • 50-1,200 GPM
  • 3” Piping
  • 40 kw Back Up Generator (diesel or natural gas)
  • CCTV Interior and Exterior
  • Bio Metric Security
  • Steel Structure
  • HVAC

24/7 Remote Monitoring

  • water, air quality and weather parameters
  • Data Logging and Storage
  • First Alert Alarms
  • CCTV Interior and Exterior
  • 2 Way Voice Communication For Emergency Purposes

monitoring center

monitoring center


comparison chart



field of wheat

SO2, CO2, NOx, CH4, MHC, 

PM2.5, O3, H2S, CO



PH 6.5-8.5, Temperature, Turbidity, 

Free Chlorine (0-2ppm), Nitrate/Nitrites Nitrogen

Ammonia/Ammonia Nitrogen, Fluoride (F-), Potassium (K+), Color, Electrical Conductivity, Total Organic Carbon /TOC, H2S, UV254, TS


dry field

Wind, Solar radiation, Air temperature, 

Relative humidity, Water temperature, Rainfall, Snow depth, Air pressure