The Revolution

The Revolution is a high speed, vertical gyroscopic attrition mill that employs a controlled, segmented vortex air stream, identical to that of a tornado, to process, homogenize, deodorize, remove moisture, and reduce particle size in various waste streams.

The Revolution is the newest way to go GREEN, because it greatly reduces the volume of quarries and mines to extend the life of the facility. PLUS it can be completely customized for any business or facility.

Volume is reduced by 50-70%

Consistent throughput (up to 5000 tonne/hour)

Mining– can be used to grind as small as 1 micron, use in mining slag to recover precious metals left over from regular mining

Disaster Cleanup– Can be setup and running in remote locations

Factory Seconds– Wood mills, construction mills

Oil fields– Can be used to re-mediate sands and land around well sites to be rid of the hydrocarbons, which are reclaimed.



The video

Quarry Hard Rock Reduction and Mining

Proof is in the Slag

Precious Slag Pile








“We could not believe how the machine would grind concrete into powder with no sweat!” (Dennis Dean, RSI, Oregon)

Huachuca Recycling Facility, Az

“The Revolution has proven to be the most dependable piece of equipment in our recycling and processing facility.” (Bob Fenimore, Huachuca City, Arizona) 

Concrete and Asphalt

“Revolution has a consistent throughput of over 1300 tons per hour at our facility” (Jeff Salmon)


The Revolution was lent as a rental to a Dallas based contractor for the use of producing soils from waste wood

A property was left with approx. 800,000 cubic yards of waste wood on the site, with an estimated 25-30% being in the form of regrind (materials that had previously been rescued from raw wood waste by a tub grinder)  

The Revolution produced a 1” minus product – management declared the product an excellent and well-balanced soil mix and confirmed over a doubling of output to a recorded production of 125 yd3/hour 

Averaged about 125 yd3/hour from The Revolution

The Revolution produced a high quality finished product that required no other process before marketing